MJ Brewer is both incredible and personable as a hypnotising consultant, providing formidable services of hypnosis you will discover the tools you need to reach your goals. Be it a physical or mental stressor you’re struggling with, or a new personal milestone you want to achieve at work or at home, your life will change in a very short period of time.

It isn't unusual for people to inquire about why this profession intrigued MJ so much she felt additional involvement was necessary, but you may relate. Like you, MJ felt some tension in her life that she didn't appreciate, nor could she put her finger on the cause.


After spending more than a year investigating, she determined that rather than figuring out ways to "suck it up and work through it," she would revamp what was causing the crippling pain of arthritis, stagnant pain that negatively impacted her gait, and the inability to keep her thoughts organized. If MJ could relax, reflect, and resolve the issues to get back on track, she was certain she could assist others in repairing themselves too.

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