Hypnosis: Amusement vs. Alleviation

Updated: May 5

That's Entertainment

"And when you open your eyes, you will be a chicken!" the hypnotist expresses by throwing his hands in the air. Under the blazing stage lights, his face and those of his subjects have nearly a comical appeal as one woman's eyes pop open and she stands from her chair. The audience, captured in amazement, watches as the woman's arms fold under, her neck stretches out and back again, and a "cluck, cluck" emerges from her lips beneath bulging eyes. The audience bursts out in hysterics as they witness something they never thought possible, and they couldn't imagine doing themselves. In fact, some of them are certain it's a show. Perhaps the audience members were selected ahead of time and paid... Maybe they volunteered ahead of time, because they love being the center of attention. This isn't true.

Motivation is Key

While the entertainment side is indeed humorous and can be uplifting, that style of hypnosis proves almost the opposite of clinical hypnosis or hypnotherapy. It may even be appropriate to label it as opposite. Let me explain.

On a stage setting, as shown at the top paragraph, the ideas the hypnotist addressed each of the subjects with were his own. The induction was quick and dare we say "superficial" in the extremity of the way the mind works, meaning the effects were solely on the surface. The subjects didn't necessarily need to be motivated, only volunteer. And if they didn't want to participate, chances are good they wouldn't be there. The only motivation they had was entertainment, and they approached the stage with that intent.

When someone wants to change something in their life, such as their behavior, because we certainly cannot change someone else, they come in with the presupposition of manipulating their general thinking about the subject. They want to change, and they've decided before they even contact someone for a session. This process is a matter of literally altering the subjects own methods of how they feel about an emotion. For instance, say someone truly wants a clean place to live, but their living situation is going to pot because they are too messy, no matter how hard they try. Their roommate is fed up and is threatening to move out. The subject may opt to have their thinking manipulated so housework becomes more organized in their minds. They may even be subjected to a new way of cleaning that seems easy and carefree--perhaps even pleasant! Wouldn't that be something? And clearly, this matter is private and should remain that way -- at least until guests come over. 😊

Whether to Gain Pleasure or Eliminate Pain...

Hypnosis has so many advantages, as long as your clinician is certified, that your life can forever be altered simply by changing your own subconscious message. You can change a behavior for the better and make a chore something pleasant that you look forward to doing, or you can cluck like a chicken in front of hundreds. Either way you investigate the magic effects of hypnosis, you'll feel a new sense of freedom. And although being on a stage may seem exciting for some experts with hypnosis. Our focus is singular in helping you.

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