Hypnotic Undertones

Awaiting an appointment the other day, I didn't want to become too involved in an online subject, but wanted something that wouldn't waste my time either. An article captured my attention, although it was a bit outdated, about an actor with an unprecedented public relationship, Keanu Reeves and his inability to "get back that loving feeling" after a horrific tragedy struck his life, leaving him more than dismayed. A lot of folks may remember him as Ted "Theodore" Logan from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and some of the catch-phrases created that still hang with us today. Other's recall him as the sci-fi persona as Neo from an era-shattering film called The Matrix. And yet another character, John Wick, from a movie of the same title, emerged and the public to see a barrage of talent from this particular actor. As versatile as the actor has proven to be, he is not an invincible god, but a very talented human, and he's been affected by negative self-induced hypnotic undertones he's had to overcome.

As a human with a subconscious, as all of us have at varying degrees, when tragedy threatens us, we still must make decisions or bear through the consequences. Making decisions are made by our conscious mind or short-term memory; split-second decisions or actions without thought are controlled by our subconscious or habit-abiding (not necessarily the best); and unthinking natural bodily functions, such as our heart beating, digestion, eyes blinking, and breathing are controlled by our unconscious memory. There are those who simplify discussions by categorizing the difference as "thinking" and "automatic."

"You can do these complex behaviors without being mentally aware of it at all," he says. "And that's because of the capacity of our basal ganglia: to take a behavior and turn it into an automatic routine." ~ NPR, heard on Fresh Air, Habits: How They Form And How To Break Them

Besides, we're only speaking of the subconscious actions our minds follow through on, which also contribute to our emotional reactions. This means that we silently suffer and determine we won't entertain the thought of repeating the humiliating or heart-breaking deed, or it arrives without anticipation and takes us for another long and painful ride. But isn't there another choice? Yes! Next time, open the door instead of walking headlong into it and asking ourselves or our friends what we did wrong. What if we don't know how to avoid the misfortune with our conscious mind? This is where therapeutic and hypnotic strategies come in. With their assistance, you can discover what base your subconscious creates these ill-mannered decisions from--perhaps something happened as a child that you aren't even cognisant of having occurred. For example, I was petrified of learning to swim--I thought. But turns out, that wasn't it at all. I was terrified of water because of a scary movie I was forced to watch where a young girl was trapped in a pool and drown when a plate of glass was placed over the surface. I also saw a show where fire shot out of the showerhead. First of all, imagine the technical time and cost necessary in sliding a cover over a pool or causing a showerhead to shoot flames. Seems there are easier and more cost efficient ways of knocking someone off, and these two ways certainly could not be considered accidental. But to the brain of a four-year-old, who believes in toilet-dwelling monsters, the technical costs or procedures never crossed my mind. My subconscious told me that swimming in a pool would drown me and taking a shower could catch my head on fire. The memories were established. And the same effect occurs after a particularly nasty dismantling of a relationship, although hopefully that love is established well after the age of a preschool. Nevertheless, the established memories can be resolved with the help and guidance of a qualified hypnosis counselor.

Although I was unable to locate any articles about Keanu Reeves participating in hypnosis, apart from a role he played, his hypnotic voice was impressive. And understanding the type of persona Keanu displays, it's quite apparent he meditates on a regular basis giving way to spectacular skills in the practice. While the death of his child, and shortly later, the love of his life had to have been devastating, his practices clearly assisted him in overcoming his disadvantages so he could move on with his life. What would happen if he had not moved on? Can you imagine someone, even yourself, who has not and what this lack of action has cost? Undertones cannot be immediately seen, but the effects of them can be devastating if they're permitted to make automatic choices without thinking.

Do yourself a favor. If you find you are duplicating relationships, jobs, or any other habit-determining situations that simply refuse to work, stop wasting your time! You get one shot at life, no repeats, so figure out your solution. And if you find you need help, you can contact a professional therapist or Hypnotic Counselor. But the last thing you want to do is simply exist.

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