Is there a Doctor in the House?

While some types of hypnosis are entertaining, and even some with a true purpose can be fun, meaningful and serious types of hypnosis do exist. While this doesn't mean hypnosis is for everyone, a literal menagerie of methods and personalities exist for an unlimited number of results -- most of which have astounding outcomes. However, because you cannot reverse anything that has dramatic results, always be aware of the potential effects before deciding if it this method of entertainment, relaxation, or therapy is for you.

Remember that hypnosis has been scientifically proven to expedite results in a fraction of the time of using therapy alone, but it's always a good idea to consult with a doctor if your experiencing a medical condition. In fact, if the issue being tackled is of a mental health concern, and you're currently seeing a doctor for your condition, having the physician's approval in writing is imperative for your own safety.

Ever been to Vegas and seen a live show? They don't require a note from the doctor. This type of hypnosis is strictly for entertainment purposes and doesn't go into the deeper hypnotic states, therefore it's generally light and fun. Before you know it, nobody watching can catch their breath -- but chances are very good that when the show is over, the participants will have a cloudy daydream-like memory of what happened and why the laughter was so darned contagious. This isn't an event that will likely sink to the back of the anyone who's presents mind, yet they didn't really gather anything other than a laugh and a sense of wonder considering how that could have even happened.

Other types of hypnosis can assist with "planting" thoughts in the mind of making house cleaning enjoyable, believe it or not. They can also assist with self-confidence, studying, organization, and memorizing, along with ceasing smoking and the ability to focus. If you think about it, confidence and studying could be combined to practice for a wedding dance or becoming a motivational speaker. A lot of enhancement methods are simple ways of improving your life. But then there are other, deeper methods, that actually cause a sense of amnesia to assist. Before you freak out, let's talk about why this would be useful.

For the deeper hypnosis, a physician must give his approval and any other details that are imperative to healing trauma, previous abuse, etc. Otherwise, it's like entering a kitchen where the cake is half done and changing the temperature on the oven. Not good. The doctor and the hypnotist must work in unison toward the same goal to prevent negative impacts that are irreversible. Now, this may sound scary -- but as long as it's physician approved, all the safety nets should be there. It's when someone attempts to be their own physician and cure themselves by going against doctor's orders, the situation can go awry --and nobody wants that to happen, least of all you. Never mix two different therapies.

While hypnosis can be fun, and can help in many ways, it's always important to keep yourself safe. After all, the first time you got behind the wheel of a car, you probably weren't driving through school zones or in the mountain ranges.(Although we can help you with that!) But when you learn to experience it correctly, you could be the next winner of the Indy 500, or just maybe improve your life!

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