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Updated: Aug 17

Welcome to HypnoBrew where you can sit down with a cold drink and learn a little more about yourself here, via my voice, or on my website at Of course, if you like my voice and would like to read a bit more on my researched articles, you can certainly revel in the information by doing both. This week, the subject I’ve chosen to speak on is something you’ve been acquainted with for as long as you’ve been around—but I’m willing to bet you don’t understand it quite as well as you thought. The way it affects your health is even more alarming, and I’m not talking about pollutants or anything residing on the exterior of your epidermis.

Here’s a little something for your brain to chew on: according to the CDC, the eight most common causes of death don’t come pounding on your door all of a sudden—those predators are out there ringing the doorbell like crazy for years until we finally let them in. So why don’t we tell them to take a hike like an old ex? How do we allow them to come in at all? Metaphors aside, we do this all the time when it comes to caring for our bodies simply because we refuse to take time to do one simple thing correctly. And we’ve done it incorrectly for so long, that breaking ourselves of this nasty habit seems too much of a nightmare to tackle. So we continue to allow dirt, one spoonful at a time, to be dumped on our coffins—with us inside. How ridiculous is that?

Absolutely ridiculous! That’s right, most of the illness stems from our brain’s reaction and that connection is dealt with primarily by your bodily functions. Heart disease, stroke, diabetes, nephritis, and respiratory disease, are all illnesses caused by our bodies TO our OWN bodies. So, take a guess at who the powerful Oz is to fix this life-stunting issue…

So I asked you who has the ability to fix the majority of the issues or ailments in your body. If you said the answer is a doctor, you may be correct—for a while and for a hefty price. If you said to leave it to your Creator, I’ll remind you that the Greeks quoted saying “God helps those who help themselves,” which brings us to the correct answer. You--you taking responsibility for the way you treat your body and what it yields to you. So thank goodness you’re here now, because I’m going to help you fill in the blanks. And let’s be real, a lot of people have plenty of others to halfheartedly blame, as if that matters. As I said earlier, each of our brains is responsible for the body it’s inside. Our own minds have more control over ourselves than anything or anyone else ever will. You are responsible for your own well-being. That’s right. Only you are completely responsible for what happens to you. That’s why hypnosis is so powerful, and the very reason I enjoy studying it. And a lot of people have misconceptions about what hypnosis even is and the general effect it can have on a participant—a willing participant. And even hypnosis relies on this astonishing feat that you must possess.

It’s important for you to understand that hypnosis clients are as alert as if they’re daydreaming in a classroom with Ferris Buelller’s teacher giving a lecture. Think about that for a minute. What was your most boring teacher’s name? Do you even remember? But you remember what they looked like—far from attractive, and that’s all you knew. As a matter of fact, it’s very likely you couldn’t stand the class, all because you zoned out! That’s right. You zoned out in that class on more than one occasion, didn’t you? And do you remember a time when you were zoned out and the teacher called your name? You zapped out, blinked, and the whole class was staring at you?

Or how about that time you were driving home at the end of a rough day? Finally distancing yourself from the chaos, perhaps listening to music you can lose yourself in, you zone out. Now keep in mind that excitable music, such as heavy metal or rap music with violent undertones, will create edgy thoughts, while soothing music such as instrumentals has a calming effect, and these are the best for driving, especially when you’re already angry. So you’ve been “calming” for a while, to the point you’re a bit zoned out.

A horn blasts, and you finally become conscious they’re honking at you. Gathering your bearings, you see your light is green, and you make it a point stay particularly aware of your surroundings the rest of the way home. Of course, when the subject is an especially powerful one you’ve been entertaining, perhaps a confrontation that occurred, you plop down in a comfortable chair, take a deep breath and sigh heavily. Maybe even close your eyes and relax your shoulders… you breathe and let your subconscious take over.

Zoning out again. That’s exactly what hypnosis feels like, and you couldn’t give two toots if the car behind you honks until the cows come home. While you’re in that state, although it feels as if your brain is temporarily shut down, it most certainly is not. Your brain is extremely active at those times, but your conscious mind is not. Adding this to clear breathing improves your thinking ability and increases your oxygen through blood flow—so you’re going to live longer because several parts of your body will be healthier.

Do you remember what that last paragraph was about? What if I told you that you already possess the answer to the equation? What if I told you it doesn’t cost a thing to correct so you too can live longer? What if I told you that doing a simple act a few times a day can improve your life expectancy and quality of life considerably? Would you do it? There’s no risk involved. No negative reaction. No unaffordable costs that will run you into the ground month after month. But it will undeniably change your life for the better in six short weeks of dedication. Would you do it? Like really do it? Could you commit to doing it every day—to change your life forever? Although it sounds completely silly, breathing is the miracle antidote for eight of the top ten American killers. People have been doing this singular act, three times a day, and the results are unreal, and even Harvard University stands behind it. For a small $485 fee, you can learn about it from the Harvard Medical School Teaching Hospital. Or creativity can sometimes assist those who already have a therapist. Mention the Buteyko Practice Diary and see what response you get. If they haven’t heard of it, they unfortunately are behind the times. My friend, Jeff Broomfield, told me this secret and I was astounded at the findings—enough that I’m actually doing it myself. It’s founded by an amazing doctor in Ireland, and they have a program for $30 for adults and free for kids. These amazing methods are quoted as helping correct posture, stress disorders, speech, respiration disorders, blood chemistry, and the natural metabolic functions that have a tremendous impact on your health and general longevity. Trust me when I say that this cost is much more efficient in keeping you young than that $5,000 cosmetic makeover you’ve been thinking of investing in.

Think about all the things your body relies on breathing for—let me rephrase that, breathing properly. Breathing properly is much more than not sounding like Roz from Monsters Inc, and although it helps with singing, sports, dancing, and making it across the street on a yellow light before the cars try to run over you, breathing handles something even more important—staying alive—and when it’s that important, one may consider it important enough to do correctly, is it not? It’s about learning the proper process to combat the simplest thing we’ve been messing up every day and all day, for years—breathing. Medical News Today says “breathing is a complex process of air exchange” that involves the lungs, diaphragm, and the intercostal muscles. However, we only use about 15 – 20% of our capacity. This is why stress is a major factor in the modern-day human mortality factor. We don’t breathe correctly. And it isn’t necessarily due to us choking ourselves out on fumes, although this subject is not free from blame. It’s simply that we fail to correctly utilize our bodies properly as the American Lung Association’s blog demonstrates, citing that 80% of our lungs or more isn’t even being used, much less exercised.

Breathing properly, as Andrea Watkins, LCSW, a UB therapist says, can do many things—that’s why hypnotists are breathing’s biggest advocates. Breathing properly decreases stress and increases calm, relieves pain for minor or major things such as surgery and childbirth, stimulates the lymphatic system (which detoxifies your body), improves immunity, increases energy, lowers blood pressure, improves digestion, and helps your skeletal system in supporting your body. Take a minute and scroll back up to that Grim-Reeper list at the beginning. What are the chances your name will be marked as a digit when you have the keys right here to prevent it?

So, when you do think about how your body functions, and whether or not it’s functioning at its highest potential, stop and think—do you want your body to run looking gorgeous for a short period of time with body-altering surgeries, or a much longer period looking and feeling unstoppable because you took the time to learn about breathing correctly? At HypnoBrew, this brew of breathing is for you! (and it’s so simple, a baby could do it!)

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