Weight Lost is Generally Found

The statistics of people unhappy with their body weight is staggering, to say the least. Did you know, for instance, that 2 out of 3 adults are considered overweight? Now, most people either can maintain a relatively active lifestyle or healthy eating habits, but it’s actually a steady and sufficient amount of both that create a body that will last a long time. Essentially, our behavior is the leading factor of our health. And what is it that addresses our behavior better than anything? Reward or negative consequences? It’s reward, of course, but most of us only see the negative consequences, and that brings us down. At the same time, those who actually lose a few pounds and then celebrate by going out for dinner… It’s true. Some people honestly reward themselves with the negative behavior that got them there in the first place. Absolute malarky! That’s the same as finding out a drunk at the bar has a sexually transmitted disease, after a night of too many margaritas and celebrating, by going out and getting drunk with the same guy again. You would be asking for trouble that could be easily be avoided.

Of course, success now is a matter of when rather than if—you will never be healthy celebrating that way. A week later, you split your pants opening a filing cabinet at work and wonder why the stupid diet quit working. You’ll hear me say this many times, but I mean it when I say that emotions are the keys to the Behavioral Kingdom! And the “keys” to that kingdom are contained in self-control, and in truly stubborn cases, hypnosis can help you with feeding your subconscious healthy habits.

And with hypnosis, and any sort of weight plan for that matter, decreasing how much you eat won’t do it by itself. Even starving won’t do it by itself, as bizarre as that sounds because, like a credit card, you wind up paying interest. When you do eventually eat, every pound is going to cling to your body like no other in fear of starvation. That means that the fads of intermittent fasting won’t do anything if it’s exchanged with eating crap. Furthermore, those of us who are older have an additional disadvantage, typically, especially if we’re out of shape… Let’s put it this way. Have you ever had a top-of-the-line car, known for its reliability? You’re pleased with it for a long time, right? You might even mention it to your closest friends, but the newness wears off eventually. And no matter how great the device is, if it’s not maintained throughout, the ease with which it works starts to falter.

The same thing goes for our body, unfortunately. The wear and tear on anything, whether our belongings, like a vehicle or our body will show if not cared for in the necessary manner. And just as if a big storm happened, toppling a tree onto our car nearly totaled it, a horrific accident could occur that guarantees our physical body will never be the same. The fact is that we need to care for what we have as well as possible and insure it as best as we can while we have it. Unlike a car, our bodies can’t be replaced when they’re so far gone, they’re irreparable.

So, all we can do is fix them to the best of our ability, and we are all aware that real change happens from within. And this is exactly why when we haven’t committed to exercise, and we only change our eating—sometimes temporarily, weight loss is a joke. Seriously, a waste of time. It’s bound to come back time and again. And the worst part—keeping the weight off with processes never lessens, but the manner of what we think that compels us to remain healthy does lessen—immensely. When we come back, we’re going to actually discuss a bit of strategy that will actually help you start losing weight today—if you’re seriously ready—but you have to be ready. Because the way I’m about to explain it to you will change your thinking about your health.

And as we mature, and the ultimate value of our body decreases, caring for it becomes more of a chore. If healthy habits aren’t already being followed, they likely won’t have you waking up one morning and throwing your workout clothes on as you zip out the door. Or will they? The aspect that can help create habits, good or bad, comes from within your subconscious. And our minds, unfortunately, do not naturally choose the best pathways to take, but the least taxing. That’s right. Our brain’s “common sense” way of handling situations is to establish the easiest unless we consciously consider and weigh out different outcomes to make an informed decision.

If our brain consciously thought of everything, imagine how much time would be wasted in each of our days. So it doesn’t. When a choice has been made in the past, and we’ve lived, our brain determines it a good choice. And naturally, unless consciously told otherwise, the same choice will be made again and again. Consider your ex-boyfriend…. See what I mean? But we aren’t talking about relationships today – at least not romantic relationships. We’re talking about our own personal relationship—the relationship we have with food, exercise, and ourselves. We first need to comprehend the manner of which we treat our car, er, our own bodies. Are we behaving in a way that says we intend on keeping the same car for years to come—giving it only the best fuel, the best tires, the best oil, and smooth terrain? You know what I’m talking about. If you put the cheapest oil and fuel in, never wash it, get the oil changed, vacuum it out, or perhaps repainting it after considerable bodywork after an accident, don’t consider holding onto it for long—regardless of there being no replacement. But switching your mental channel over now can change that—even if you find you need assistance. Doing nothing won’t help.

Losing weight consists of three major components that work together, without a viable medical condition, for a firm and no-fail success. I prefer to think of healthy cuisine, moderate exercise, and stress management as a trident, with the handle of it what we hold onto for it to work correctly. Of course, the trident is surrounded by water, which will definitely aid you as well. But if you only have one factor, watching what and when you eat, for example, that isn't a trident--it's a very long and limited usability toothpick. You must exercise, which coincidentally, assists in stress management. Anytime you feel anxious or impacted with too much to do, taking a quick break from the situation and going for a brisk walk--either around the block or even around the outside of your office building, will release that additional tension and clear your mind for better thinking and possibly solutions. In addition to lightening your workload and clarifying the issues, getting rid of this massive stressor will increase your ability to lose weight while eating well.

So, from now on, when you wake up each morning, remember that car in the garage—the ONLY car you’re ever going to have for the duration of your lifetime. Start your engine correctly. Make sure you only use top of the line solutions that you will put into your once-in-a-lifetime vehicle—the best food, even education and entertainment! Make sure it gets enough sleep in its off time. Never put more fuel in—and only the best kind—than is required. After all, if you overflow your tank, the paint and body of your vehicle are going to look like crap. But that’s enough car talk. The reality is that if you aren’t treating your once-in-a-lifetime vehicle correctly, and have no intention of doing so, you’re wasting your time even now while listening to me. You are the sole owner—forever—the only one to make decisions for your body. And when you choose, because every mental choice begins with emotional decisions, you will choose to treat this gift that you’ve been given, with the utmost respect. And if you need additional assistance, then you know what? This Brew’s for You!

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