"You are getting sleepy... sleepy!"

Is hypnosis getting a bad rap for putting people under a spell or trance so they'll do whatever the hypnotist tells them? Sort of, but not really. But how many people would cluck and peck like a chicken in front of hundreds of people if they're really using their own free will? I'll tell you later. But for now, let me emphasis how important it for the hypnotherapist to understand what you truly need. For example, when a person wants to lose weight, how does that work? Can you lose weight by thinking of losing weight?

While a hypnotist has been known to aid in losing weight, your eyes don't spin while you drop to the floor and do 200 pushups although, admittedly, that would be pretty awesome. But they may ask which foods you feel are contributing to the issue the most.

For a lot of people, soda and sweets from the vending machine is a huge barrier to weight loss. I mean, in an office environment, who hasn't grabbed a candy bar and soda to tide them over? And who has fallen victim to stopping by the candy aisle with the kid while grocery shopping and found something they would enjoy? Simply put, you may be asked several things before a session, such as "What is the worst smell you've ever smelled in your life?" and when you consider drinking a Coke, an overwhelming stench of rotten eggs enters your throat and nostrils. On the flipside, the method of changing your urge, rather than defying it, may be a better solution. "Every time you think of that Coke, you decide to drink a bottle of ice cold water that tastes so good and refreshing." This statement alone, could cause a tremendous shift in your metabolism because of the way your mind interprets the suggestion.

As much assistance as a hypnotist can create, the client will not lose weight if they have no real intention. And that goes with smoking, or any other habit someone may want to kick to the curb. If the intent isn't there, it just won't work. So, planning a visit with a hypnotherapist for your husband won't work if there's no real drive from him to do it. However, a study done with patients going into surgery may prove we can be persuaded to do something without knowing about it. Still, our conscious mind steps in if we're told to do something we understand not to be in our best interest. After all, we aren't stupid!

As a matter of fact, it's been proven that the more intelligent a person is, the more likely they are to participate. And as a piece of information goes, even surgical procedures are now benefiting from preoperative hypnosis. Imagine, no groggy waking up to wonder where you are, or any pain for the duration of the healing process. Isn't that incredible? Of course it is, but it's also dangerous if it is abused. For any type of hypnosis under a medical doctor's direction, signed approval must be included before a hypnotherapist can lawfully work with you -- and that's for your own safety.

So hypnosis does NOT make you sleep any more than listening to a boring speaker at church or in school. That cloudy thinking where your mind drifts is where you go while you're under, and you emerge so relaxed that people can become a little addicted to the relaxation if they aren't careful. And let's face it; in the world today, that'd be pretty easy to do.

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