SERVICES // Group Onsite


Some people may be a bit hesitant trying something new, no matter the cost, only because the experience is foreign. Understood and perfectly fine. In fact, that is exactly the reason those fortunate enough to reside in the beautiful state of Utah are welcome to join this group.

SERVICES // Personal Recordings


Having a personal hypnotherapist work with you to uncover hidden forces of anxiety and dispel discomfort in exchange for focus and necessary answers is what will happen with a one-on-one session on a personalized recording ---- listen as many times as you'd like, it's yours!

SERVICES // Independent Onsite


The personal touch of having a hypnotherapist cater to your independent needs could not be more direct and influential. You will have an encounter unlike anything you have ever experienced that is both exciting and relaxing simultaneously. HypnoBrew is the ultimate provider.

SERVICES // Speaking Engagements


While people may be curious as to the service provided by HypnoBrew,  without a schedule that coincides with available appointments, or perhaps would feel more at ease within a group setting, it may be a better approach to participate in a live HypnoBrew engagement..

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